Slurm Offer

Slurm Limited Liability Company, in the person of the General Director, Igor Aleksandrovich Olemsky, acting on the basis of the Charter, hereby makes an offer to enter into the consulting services contract ("Contract") subject to the following terms.
1. Subject of the Contract
1.1. The subject of this Contract shall be one-time advanced IT consulting services to be provided by the Contractor to the Customer, including, but not limited to, seminars, training courses, individual programs, and presentations (hereinafter — the "Services" or "Consulting").
1.2. Hereunder, the Contractor shall assume the obligation to provide Consulting to the Customer subject to the scope and terms defined in section 2 hereof, and the Customer undertakes to accept and pay for the Consulting deliverables.
1.3. The Contractor shall be entitled to engage third persons to provide the Services, or provide the Services together with the partners.
1.4. All rights to the materials made available to the Customer in the course of the Services shall be owned by the Contractor. The Customer shall not be entitled to distribute the specified materials or use them for any purpose other than internal use.
1.5. The Contract shall be deemed concluded from acceptance hereof — the first payment for the Services.
2. Rights and obligations of the Parties
2.1. The Customer undertakes:
2.1.1. To pay for the Service selected, according to section 3 hereof.
2.1.2. To control timely actions of the Representatives thereof during Consulting. Should the Representatives of the Customer fail to use the access within the specified times, the Services shall be deemed provided.
2.1.3. The Representatives of the Customer are to have laptops with Internet access.
2.1.4. Should the Customer refuse to attend the event, the Customer undertakes to inform the Contractor not later than 10 (Ten) business days before the start of the Services. Should this condition be fulfilled, the advance payment shall be returned to the Customer in full.

2.2. The Contractor undertakes:
2.2.1. To provide the Services specified in section 1 of the Contract subject to the scope and times specified in clause 3.1 hereof.
2.2.2. For the validity term of the Contract, the Contractor shall grant to the Customer the access to the information materials, as well as consulting services and tools for practical tasks.
2.2.3. During 5 (Five) days from the end of the services (clause 3.1. of the Contract), the Contractor shall submit to the Customer the Act of Acceptance by email or via the e-workflow system. Granting access to the video course not later than within 5 (Five) business days following payment shall be deemed the end of the Services. Access shall be made available by email.

2.3. The Contractor shall be entitled to specify the name of the organization and the website of the Customer, to use the Customer's logo on the badge of the Customer's representative during the event, to publish links to the Customer's website in the Contractor's portfolio at:, as well as on other sites to the extent necessary for the Contractor to demonstrate performance of the services for the Customer to third persons, and to promote the services thereof.
3. Price. Order. Payment times
3.1. Place, description, price, and times of the services are published at the Contractor's website at:
3.2. Payments hereunder shall not be subject to value-added tax, as the Contractor uses the simplified tax system subject to Article 346.11, Chapter 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
3.3. The Customer shall pay for the services a 100% in advance within 3 (Three) days following confirmation of the Customer's request.
4. Responsibility of the Parties
4.1. Should the Representative of the Customer fail to attend the Consulting during the times specified herein, the price of Consulting services shall not be returned to the Customer.
4.2. Should the Customer fail to fulfill the obligation to pay for Consulting services, the Contractor shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the Contract by a written notice to the Customer 3 (Three) business days before the suggested date of termination.
4.3. Should the Contractor fail to provide the Services within the times agreed on between the Parties in clause 3.1 hereof, the Contractor shall be obliged to return the advance payment made by the Customer within 3 (Three) business days following the official advance reclaim from the Customer.
5. Force majeure
5.1. Any of the Parties hereto shall be released from liability for the breach hereof, should such breach result from force majeure circumstances arising following conclusion hereof, as a result of extraordinary events, which could not be forecasted or reasonably prevented by the Parties. The force majeure circumstances shall include earthquake, flood, fire, storm, as well as riot, civil disorder, acts of the government authorities, or military actions of any nature, which impede performance hereof.
5.2. Should the circumstances specified in clause 5.1 of this Contract arise, each of the Parties is to immediately notify the other Party in writing. The notice should contain information about the nature of such circumstances, as well as official documents verifying such circumstances and, if possible, assessing their impact in the ability of the Party to fulfill the obligations thereof hereunder.
5.3. Should the Party fail to submit the notice specified in clause 5.2 hereof, the Party shall be obliged to compensate the other Party for the losses incurred.
5.4. Should the circumstances, specified in clause 5.1. hereof, and their consequences last for over 15 (fifteen) business days, the Parties shall hold additional negotiations to discover acceptable alternatives to fulfill this Contract.
6. Dispute settlement. Amendments. Termination
6.1. Relationships arising out of this Contract shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
6.2. The Parties shall settle all disputes and disagreements under this Contract by negotiations.
6.3. Complaint procedure of dispute settlement shall be applied by the Parties in cases stipulated by law. Complaints shall be considered within 10 (Ten) business days from receipt thereof.
6.4. Failing settlement of disputes and disagreements subject to the respective order specified in clauses 6.2 and 6.3 hereof, each of the Parties shall be have the right to refer the dispute to the Arbitration Court subject to the laws of the Russian Federation.
7. Term of the Contract
7.1. This Contract shall come into force following execution hereof, and shall remain valid until performance by the Parties of their respective obligations in full.
7.2. This Contract may be terminated anticipatorily subject to agreement between the Parties, as well as in cases stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation.
8. Concluding provisions
8.1. Any other arrangements between the Parties in relation to the Contract terms shall become void from the validity date hereof, should such arrangements contradict to the terms hereof.
8.2. Should the wording of any additional agreement or attachment hereto contradict to the wording hereof, the wording of such additional agreements shall apply.
8.3. Documents, notifications, and any other information sent to email addresses specified in section 10, shall be legally valid, binding on the Parties, and shall be deemed admissible evidence.
8.4. In all other matters uncovered by this Contract, the Parties shall abide by the valid laws of the Russian Federation.
9. Code of Conduct
9.1. We are committed to free and open communications. We consider humiliation, offense, and other forms of discrimination strongly unacceptable. Appearance, sex, sexual orientation, beliefs and opinions, professional qualification, or quality of assignment performance cannot justify discrimination. No person, nor a group of persons may be prone to discrimination. No chats, conversations, materials, public presentations, or publications should be discriminatory.
9.2. The code of conduct shall apply to the Slurm process, all official Slurm events, all Slurm communication channels, and any reference to Slurm participants in open sources.
9.3. If you become prone to discrimination or witness any discrimination from Slurm employees or participants, please notify Sergey Fomin (@ssfomin), Anton Skobin (@askobin), or any speaker, respectively. You can also email to
9.4. Participants and employees of Slurm violating the code of conduct, shall be expelled from the event room. The hosts shall reserve the right to prohibit further participation thereof in the current event or in any Slurm events indefinitely.
10. Consents and permissions
10.1. By entering into this Contract, the Customer consents to direct communications therewith to hold surveys on Consulting, to identify preferences and needs, to inform of the services accompanying the subject and contents of Consulting, loyalty, and other campaigns (including those held by the Partners in relation to the subject and contents of Consulting or participation therein. For instance, discounts to the Partners' services or special conditions of services may be extended to the Customer, as a participants of Consulting).
10.2. By entering into this Contract, the Customer extends to the Contractor: - the permission to use, store, process, and distribute the personal data thereof by the means and to the extent necessary to fulfill conditions hereof. Procedure for use, storage, processing, and distribution of personal data of the Customer shall be available at: - consent to transfer personal data and other data to the persons contracted by the Contractor (subcontractors, Partners), including for the purposes specified in clause 10.1 hereof, to carry out partner and other programs subject to confidentiality of the personal data at least equivalent to the confidentiality ensured by the Contractor. The list of persons, the User grants the consent to transfer the personal data whereto, as well as the list of the data, and purpose of processing thereof are specified in Attachment No.1 to the Personal Data Processing Policy (
10.3. Acceptance of this Contract shall serve as due evidence of validity of the consents specified in this section.
10.4. Consent may be withdrawn at any time subject to the order specified in the Personal Data Processing Policy.
11. Addresses and details
Contractor: Slurm Limited Liability Company

Legal address: of. 4, bld. 83-B, 40 years of October str., Liski, 397907, Voronezh region

Postal address: of. 4, bld. 83-B, 40 years of October str., Liski, 397907, Voronezh region

TIN 3652901451, KPP 365201001, OGRN 1193668020545

Settlement account: 40702810902270002339 with Alfa BankJSC, BIC 044525593, +7 (495) 385-87-62